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Friends of the Casa Grande Library
First Semi-Annual Used Book Sale!!! PDF Print E-mail

The Friends of the Casa Grande Library are trying something new November 3 and 4: our First Semi-Annual Sale at the Peart Center located in Peart Park next to the Dorothy Powell Senior Center. There is plenty of free parking.

Dates:  Friday and Saturday, November 3 and 4, 2017

Time: 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Saturday, November 4, will be $6 a bag day. The Friends will provide the bags.

Lots of gently used books, including romance, mystery, history, cookbooks, children and young adult, as well as DVDs and CDs.


We need help! The Friends of the Casa Grande Library are dedicated to improving our libraries by funding special projects such as: purchasing new furniture for Vista and contributing to the renovation at Main.  Each year, we sponsor the Summer Reading Programs and keep the Bookworm Snack Shop open in the Main library. Currently we have renewed the subscription to the Advanced Overdrive System which gives special access to the Phoenix eDigital Library for Casa Grande Library user and, contributed towards the updating and replacement of computers at both libraries.

Our main fund raisers are the book sales we hold during the year.  We have used books for sale at Main all the time.  We also have sidewalk sales during cooler weather and the HUGE book sale in January.


Right now, we are looking for new members and volunteers.  We need help staffing the book sales and the Bookworm.  We are also looking for additional board members.  The board meets on the second Monday of each month at 4:30 pm in the Main Library.  Board members as well as members of the Friends group also volunteer to help staff our events.  If you see our evolving libraries as a valuable resource in our community and would like to support them, please call Judy at (520) 208-1621 or Mary at (520) 233-7670.

The Friends By Amber Kent PDF Print E-mail

Do you wake up in the morning and wonder what to do,
To make the world a better place for people around you?
Are you the kind of person who, for reasons not a few,
Looks for ways to help your friends and all your neighbors, too?
If that’s the case, then you’re in luck. There’s something I must say.
For each of us, there is a part just right for us to play.
We all have something we can give to make another’s day.
It could be some time, a talent, or even a loud “Hooray!”
The library is a special place, for learning and for fun.
Read a story, share a joke, tell how the West was won.
But we need help from folks like you, parched by this summer sun.
And we get that help from our dear Friends. They do a ton!
At the end of every summer, every kid can pick a book
That’s theirs to keep and read and take a second look.
The Friends purchase the craft supplies, the Playaway you took,
The furniture, the signs, and Overdrive’s bestselling book.
Do you have the time? Then volunteer!
If you have the means, donate.
If you don’t now, then don’t despair,
More opportunities await.
Join the Friends and add your voice
To the chorus of happy cheers.
Help the Friends make a difference
That lasts for many years.

Book Donations PDF Print E-mail


If you, your children or grandchildren have text books that are five (5) years old or newer, and want to dispose of them, please bring them to either Library; or you can email us at the Friends email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will arrange for pick up.

Librarians sort through the donations from our adoring public. All donations are checked book by individual book (you better believe it!) and thoughtfully considered if it would circulate well in our library collections. Would the public be interested? Is it relevant? Good condition? Will it add value to the titles already covering this topic or is it more of the same? It is sometimes a ruthless and calculating task.

As for those books that do not pass muster, they are given to the Friends of the Casa Grande Public Library. The Friends in turn sells the discards and donations at their enormous annual sale in January for super cheap! The money goes back into the library to supplement funding for programs, presenters, and materials. They have a rotating selection for purchase at the Main Public Library in their Bookworm corner and often hold special sales. Do check out the shelves (and the snack bar!) if you have a chance.